About Us

Building upon a 100 year pedigree, we’ve worked with public and private healthcare organisations to deliver cost savings that can be redirected into essential front-line services.

HealthTeam delivers to over 1500 locations and supplies over 800 contract items to the NHS and other healthcare organisations. As such, our business solutions professionals have first-hand experience meeting the needs and challenges of today’s healthcare providers.

HealthTeam is committed to:

  • Ensuring less time and administrative burden is placed on your staff
  • Providing a tailored, flexible, next day ward-side delivery service to free staff up to concentrate on their core competencies.
  • Helping to reduce order frequency and move towards more consolidated orders
  • Delivering all your supplies at the same time to cut down staff handling time and make it easier to distribute your supplies to the people who need them
  • Helping you understand your spending patterns and provide a single, simplified procurement system (or integrate with yours).
  • Providing intelligent management information, so you can budget accurately and make informed decisions.
  • Proactively making recommendations to increase purchasing control and curtail maverick spend
  • Configuring your on-line ordering portal to include visibility restrictions and authorisation limits
  • Carrying out regular core list reviews including suggestions of ‘alternative’ product items.
  • Providing an unrivalled range of non-medical products and services, which can be delivered next day, free of charge.
  • Meeting your requirements for reliability, confidentiality and the highest possible service standards.
  • Offering a bespoke, technology-driven approach across everything we do from ordering and invoicing to delivery.