Less is more when it comes to your supply chain.

Tail management is the strategy of consolidating those suppliers who account for a small amount of your procurement spend but who are large in number (frequently around 80%) and disproportionately time-consuming to manage. This non-critical or ‘tail’ spend often goes overlooked but it is particularly important in the retail sector as in RetailTeam’s experience, there are substantial savings to be made.

Typically suited for multi-site retail businesses maintaining a large and costly supplier base, RetailTeam has specific expertise in end-to-end, GNFR, supplier base consolidation.

Working as an extension of your procurement team, we provide a professional tail management service to manage the labour intensive tail supply chain on your behalf. This allows you to streamline your supplier base across multiple products and services.

Our service has multiple benefits including reducing costs, providing process efficiencies and liberating your employees to focus on the areas that really matter to you.

Why use our Tail Management service:

You will benefit from a simplified procurement process and save money
We will hold your stock via our extensive network of warehouses, so you can buy in bulk achieving greater leverage on your spend
You will save time dealing with 80% less direct suppliers
We will improve visibility of expenditure, purchasing control and invoice compliance
We will improve efficiency with one order, one invoice and one delivery
You save on the headcount and administration costs of managing your ‘tail’ in-house
You will shrink your carbon footprint by reducing the number of deliveries you need

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