Within the healthcare industry there are many innovative, specialist products that are cost effective and can increase efficiencies within your organisation. Here is just a selection of the specialist products available. For more information on these products, and other specialist items, please contact a member of our healthcare team.

Innovative Cleaning Solutions

There are innovative cleaning products available today that are not only cost-effective, easy and safe to use and practical to store, they’re also environmentally friendly. Water soluble cleaning sachets provide an innovative method of cleaning as they can be added to a specified volume of water to make up a cleaning solution that is exactly the right dilution. This eliminates the costly problem of cleaning staff commonly making up a stronger solution than needed and, because the sachets are compact and light, they reduce storage space and transportation costs and avoid harmful spillage problems.

Industrial Cleaning Machines

We offer specialist product support for industrial cleaning machines and have access to many manufacturers within the cleaning industry. Plus, if you’d like to lease the machines instead, this option is available too.

Tena U-Test

This test is easy and comfortable to use, it’s in-pad detection of urinary tract infections are for individuals with symptoms of incontinence. Results are available within 15 minutes and are valid for up to 24 hours.

Disposable Gloves

The new and innovative design of disposable gloves, which are dispensed one at a time, has vast benefits over the traditional glove boxes, including infection control and reduced wastage. Only the cuff of the glove is dispensed which prevents the user touching the gloves within the box, or the box itself; this helps to minimise cross-contamination.

Super Absorbent Powder

Absorbent powder products help to prevent spillages and leaks by transforming liquids, and bodily fluids, into a dry, semi-solid gel that enables safer transfer of clinical waste. The powder can be used in a range of products including bed pans, urine bottles and vomit bowls and can be easily disposed of by simply flushing down a toilet.

The benefits of using single-use, super absorbent powder include infection control, convenience and increased productivity from carers, reduced running costs and less damage to the environment.