Lifeways (Part 2)
August 7, 2015

“HealthTeam have demonstrated a high degree of professionalism in delivering this type of service, as well as supplying quality goods for a fair market price. We at NNUH therefore have a large amount of confidence in HealthTeam’s abilities, and would be happy to recommend them to any NHS trust who would be looking to partner with them.

Since this service has been very successful, HealthTeam now deliver to around 400 locations on a weekly basis.”

– Procurement Manager, NNUH

The Challenge

NNUH were having issues with their previous supplier delivering to just Goods In, as all the consignments were not properly labelled. This meant they had to spend hours searching each box, book them in individually, plus sort and distribute them to all 400 wards and offices. Overall this would take 5 days. This process was a waste of time and resource.

NNUH required a supplier that was capable of resolving their internal logistic issues as well as offer savings across a multiple range of goods.

The Solution

Our ability to adapt our services and delivery capabilities to NNUH’s specification helped us win the business. As we already offer desk-to-desk deliveries to our customers, many whom have multiple delivery sites across one location. Offering this service to a Hospital is another challenge altogether as the prospect of delivering to over 400 locations could prove beyond most suppliers.

Another priority for NNUH was our flexibility to bespoke our delivery services according to our customer’s requirements and offer real service solutions whilst improving efficiencies and creating cost saving opportunities.

We were able to successfully implement the contract in 2 ½ weeks. An SLA was eventually drafted up ensuring our continued provision of the service which encompassed delivery, customer service and contract management.


Because of our continued success, the contract has gone from strength to strength. Initially it was a £120k contract but now it has increased to a £1.9m basket of goods which now covers all non-medical supplies.

We have completely streamlined the process of implementing new categories of products to the point where we are confident of identifying new product opportunities, creating completely new supply chain, bringing in the stock and supplying next day in the space of two weeks. And whatever product we supply, it is always direct to the Ward.

With our enhanced service we still manage to offer savings on every product category. We have improved their delivery and internal efficiencies, transferred savings across all baskets whilst still maintaining a completely sustainable service.

Who is NNUH?

Norfolk & Norwich University Hospitals (NNUH) is an academic teaching NHS Foundation Trust which operates hospitals in Norfolk, England. The trust was first established in February 1994 and today has over 6,000 staff. NNUH plays an important role in teaching and training a range of health professionals and has close partnerships with University of East Anglia, City College Norwich and University Campus Suffolk.