Lighthouse Healthcare
October 19, 2015
Lifeways (Part 1)
August 7, 2015

“HealthTeam has provided us with a trustworthy service and have been both timely and efficient with implementation. During this process a great relationship has been established with the account manager making it easier to communicate our requirements. Not only have we been able to consolidate our supplies, HealthTeam have also managed to deliver a reduction in spend by 30%.”

– MCJA, Training Coordinator

The Challenge

Delivering high quality care has its challenges, especially when having to provide a diverse product range. Having to buy from different suppliers resulted in large expenses for the organisation and with a high staff turnover the organisation were spending a lot of money, especially on uniforms and gloves.

Merseycare Julie Ann were in search of a single source solution which would enable them to deal with just one supplier for all of their workplace requirements, reducing indirect costs and improving business efficiency.

Our Solution

With extensive market knowledge and expertise, HealthTeam met with specialists to provide a complete office solution by consolidating supplies. By removing the time the company spent procuring office products and services, we were able to deliver a reduction in spend by 30% as well as improved product quality.

Who is Merseycare Julie Ann?

Merseycare Julie Ann operate within the Liverpool and St. Helens area providing home care services to over 500 people within these communities. By enlisting a team of 350 qualified professionals, Merseycare Julie Ann ensures that high standards of care are delivered at all times.